1. 2006: 33rd IEEE International Conference on Plasma Science, Traverse City, Michigan, USA
    • Thermal interruption performance and fluctuations in high voltage gas circuit breakers ppt pdf
    • A study of multiscale density fluctuations ppt pdf
  2. 2004: 31st EPS conference, London, England pdf
  3. 2003: 15th topical conference on RF power in plasmas, Moran, Wyoming, USA zipped eps
  4. 2002: 13th stellarator workshop, Canberra, Australia zipped eps
  5. 2001: 28th EPS conference, Madeira, Portugal zipped eps
  6. 2000: 27th EPS conference, Budapest, Hungary zipped ps
  7. 1999: Nonlinear science festival, Risø, Denmark zipped eps
  8. 1999: 12th stellarator workshop, Madison, Wisconsin, USA zipped eps
  9. 1999: 26th EPS conference, Maastricht, The Netherlands zipped ps